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If you are a creative blogger with a passion for Humanitarian causes -- anything from feeding hungry children born into poverty to saving the world from complete biological, chemical or nuclear annihilation -- take a quick moment and visit Bloggers Unite.

It is a social cause-based organization (rapidly growing) where participating bloggers choose causes which are personally important to them, and a number of their blogging peers sign on to join them to blog about that particular subject on an appointed day.

That's a lot of bloggers getting the word out about a single subject on a single day. That is true unified media power -- and it is bound to go highly viral.

You may choose a topic from the group's published list, or you can even list your own particular passion and be joined by kindred spirits who are also members. Persuasive writers, working harmoniously and synergistically, can raise public awareness regarding some very important issues, and we can reach the tipping point needed for the initiation of corrective action... to make positive changes.

Don't let your words go to waste. Share your gifts. Working together though the Blogosphere, we are a mighty force to help shape the real-world future of our species. Working together, we can make a HUGE difference. Please join us.

Bloggers Unite - "We're Getting The Word Out In A Big Way."

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